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February 7, 2016
IDBI Federal Life Insurance G2G
May 1, 2015
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  • TaskAnnual strategy meet and rewards & recognition event
This is an event that our agency, ICE India, has managed multiple times in the past. It is an annual retreat for all the employees of IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co. The retreat comprises of a strategy and review session followed by a rewards and recognition event.

Each year, this event is hosted in a different city and it is themed as per the destination it's being held in. This particular event being showcased here was hosted in Hyderabad and featured a qawwali performance by the famous Warsi Brothers.

The business theme revolved around finding the super star within yourself and the message was brought home by connecting it to real life heroes who've dedicated their lives to various social causes such as Anand Kumar of Super 30, Preeti Patkar from the NGO Prerana, etc.

Karthik Raman

Chief Distribution Officer, IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

We engaged the services of ICE India for managing our Annual Meet at Hotel Novotel Hyderabad. We have been dealing with ICE India for many events and the fact that we have engaged them numerous times is an indicator of our satisfaction of their standards of service. The principle of the company, Mr. Mufaddal Dahodwala, personally gets involved in the event, right from the planning stage until execution. He adds tremendous value by giving his inputs on what & how to be done. His personal touch to the events is truly appreciated. The Hyderabad event was very successful and much appreciated by the attendees, a smooth flowing event without hiccups.

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