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How to Find the Best Venue for Your Event?

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June 17, 2018
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Organizing an event

involves making many critical decisions. Choosing a venue is one such important decision that has the most impact on your event. Right from the date of the event, the catering options, transportation costs and attendees experience depend on which venue you finally decide to go with.

Sounds a bit daunting? Don’t worry. Here, you will find some guidelines to help you make the right choice for your next big event!

One big criteria to consider when venue hunting is always block your venue well in advance. In our experience, at least a month before the event. If you procrastinate, then you may as well be prepared to pay a much higher price, compromise on the location and possibly even make do with the catering that is listed with the venue.

Location is a very important factor when it comes to your event venue. If your event is for people coming in from the same city as your organization, then opting for a centrally located, highly popular and easy to find venue is a prudent choice. In case you’re flying in majority of the attendees from an outstation location, then you could opt for a more outskirt resort or hotel.

A venue that provides ample parking for your guests along with valet services is again a good choice. You wouldn’t want your guests hunting for parking and feeling frustrated right before your event.

With large crowds comes congestion, claustrophobia and rise in room temperatures. So always pick a venue with a capacity slightly more than your guest list. Also remember to account for space for a stage, branding and food & beverage stations.

Venues always come with reviews. Check these before you sign on the dotted line. If need be, get firsthand feedback from the person / organisation that hosted an event there recently. It might not be your fault, but poor service will reflect poorly on your company.

Other important aspects are layout (does the venue have pillars?), ambience & decor, power-backup, acoustics and ease of movement around the venue to restrooms, smoking areas and so on.

So, make a checklist when you go hunting and follow this guideline to make a great venue choice!

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