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How to Organise a Channel Partner Event?

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June 17, 2018
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June 21, 2018
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Channel Partners are the integral arms of an organisation that reach out to the end consumer and sell your product or service, thereby ensuring that your company meets its financial goals.

Channel Partners may not have the luxury of a plush office like yours and their job may be infinitely more difficult than yours. Thus, it is only fair that they are made to feel special and a part of the organisation through a memorable channel partner event – an annual or bi-annual feature that motivates them for the rest of the year to be dedicated and loyal to your brand.

So, what would you do to make your channel partners feel the same pride that you feel about your organisation?

Organise a gathering which gives them the opportunity to interact with your management, gives them a break from their routine and offers something that they might not be able to or choose to do on their own.

Taking your channel partners (possibly with their families) for an offsite program is a great way to enhance the bond & build trust with your company.

Typically, an offsite would be for 2 to 3 nights.

Day one is for arrivals and check-ins, followed by an ice breaker or team building session, an evening event where the head of your organisation addresses all those present, unveils the theme for the event and launches into a gala night with a live performance, fabulous meal and an evening of party.

The next day, the families could be taken on a sightseeing or shopping tour while the Channel Partners attend a full day business conference comprising of a half day skill enhancement workshop or a keynote by a motivational speaker and a business strategy session where your organisation discusses and rolls out the plan for the forthcoming year. The evening should be reserved for an awards ceremony peppered with exclusive entertainment.

Research has shown that when an organisation invests in the education and growth of their Channel Partners, the partners reciprocate with increased loyalty, efficiency, and sales performance.

The next day, the event comes to a close and on check out, the Channel Partners and their families receive a take-away gift from the company.

An event like would be highly appreciated and would achieve the company’s aim to have a solid sales network that drives profitability.

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