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How to Organise a Product Launch Event?

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June 17, 2018
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June 17, 2018
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Launching a new product

in an already saturated market is one of the biggest challenges for any marketeer today. How do you stand out? Get noticed? Not just get noticed but get trending? Unlike the old days when a simple TVC and a press conference could do the trick, today a product launch is somewhat of a ‘showbiz industry’.

So first and foremost, the question you must ask is, why would anyone want my product? What is so amazing about it that a customer will see only my brand on the supermarket shelf or on an online portal? Once you can answer that, your entire creative strategy can be built to promote this USP.

The second and more important aspect of a product launch is putting your audience before your product. Make it an experience for them to definitely remember and they will tell everyone they meet. A WOW event, a viral social media campaign, a big celebrity endorsement or going one step ahead, doing something which is a record breaking activity.

Thirdly, nothing spreads like wild fire than word of mouth. So get some high profile bloggers, influencers on board and give them a demo or experience of your product a month before the launch and then let them start the conversation with their followers. So that when you launch your product, people have already heard about it somewhere.

Suspense, teasers and curiosity are the best ingredients to have in your product launch strategy. So invest a lot of time in creating little mystery elements around your product launch. A leaked video here, a confusing print ad there or even a giant hoarding giving out subtle hints to your product. A sustained teaser campaign will result in a successful launch event.

Finally, don’t call it a product launch. Call it, feel it and make it a larger than life event where everything, right from your event set-up, your venue, your invitees, your entertainment options and even your giveaways are something that people may have never experienced before.

The bottom line is plan, plan, and plan your event so well that you’ve got everything covered. Prep sheets, designs, presentations, budget and every little detail should be put down on paper and then executed flawlessly.

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