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How to Select the Best Trophies for an Awards Ceremony?

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June 21, 2018
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June 21, 2018
Receiving an award boosts a person or company’s worth in their field. The title ‘Award winning’ carries with it associations of status and capability – something that’s priceless in any line of work! Years of hard work pays off when someone is recognized and awarded. It is a gesture to let people know they are appreciated and well respected for their contribution.

And the symbol of this enormous feeling is the trophy that is handed over, thereby making it a very critical aspect of an awards ceremony. The look, the feel, the weight and the grandness of the trophy should feel as special as the achievements of the person receiving it. Like a Grammy or Filmfare or Oscar award trophy, we can all close our eyes and visualize these historic trophies.

As an organization, you wouldn’t want to present your employees or business partners, with a low-quality trophy as that would directly reflect on your brand image. Thus, one has to be ardent when choosing the trophy and awards supplier for your event. Here are some points to consider:


Always select a vendor who makes the highest quality trophies. The materials used can vary from vendor to vendor. So, inspect the quality of their materials, for e.g., the crystal, metal, embellishments, etc. Also, poor quality engraving can spoil the look of the most expensive and high quality trophy. So, be very particular.


An awards night will have its own theme or message for all the employees or business partners. Try to integrate this theme into your trophy design. This will create recall of your corporate message all through the year.


Awards have many categories. Ensure that there is a variation in size of the higher category award versus a lower category one. Mind you, we’re talking only about size and not quality. Every award is special.


We understand that an organization spends a lot of money on the actually awards event and might feel tempted to cut corners when it comes to the investment in trophies. To this, we say, that an awards night will only last a few hours, but a trophy lasts a lifetime.

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