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How to Select the Perfect Corporate Gift?

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June 21, 2018
We were always taught, as we grew older, ‘It’s better to give than to receive’. But when it comes to corporate gifts, it couldn't be truer. You don’t want to end up like all the other run of the mill pens, diaries, table pieces and clocks – in the dust bin.

What you need is to cut through the marketing clutter and get heard above the promotional noise, because there’s pretty much NOTHING to beat an extremely eye-catching, futuristic and useful branded item.

Here are a few ‘innovative strategies’ to use while deciding your Company’s next brand ambassador – the corporate gift. Try and fill in this chart with the ideas that you have and read our strategy below:

Eye-Catching High Utility Uniqueness Price
High Utility

First of all, the question to ask is – How many times do I want my client or employee to see this gift? The answer is, of course, ALL. THE. TIME. But for measurement sake, let’s say we want them to see it at least 5 times a day. So if it’s something attractive and it sits on the desk, then yes you can achieve this goal.

Next, should it just be eye-candy, or should your gift have utility? A fancy digital album with your logo on it can be a good gift, but is there a risk of it become a part of the desk and eventually fading into the background? What if it was a digital photo frame with a digital calendar with the ability to punch in meetings, reminders and so on?

Thirdly, the uniqueness of this gift - How will your brand stand out? How will it generate a sense of loyalty, pride and excitement in your audience? What’s trending in the market? What are the latest gadgets? Can you have them personalised to make them unique? These are few questions to ask while selecting your corporate gift.

The last question and quite an important one is the budget. You want to achieve all the above parameters while keeping within the budget sanctioned to you. Could you get a lower price by increasing the quantity? Can you find a local vendor who can recreate something unique you saw online? Look at all the possibilities to get the best gift and the best possible price without compromising on quality.

Quality is the only parameter you should never compromise on when deciding on a corporate gift. The reason being, to you it might be an ‘item’ but for your company, it’s the vision, mission, goodwill – everything it stands for.

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