How to create an event brief in a few simple steps?
September 26, 2017
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Event management companies in Mumbai are a dime a dozen now. Every street corner has three! Anyone and everyone who’s ever organized a niece’s birthday party thinks of himself/herself as the next best thing to happen to the event management industry!

So, which one is right for you? No ‘one size fits all!’ Selecting the right event management company is really a function of a few simple parameters. My top 10 tips for selecting the right agency for you:

#1 Experience & credibility:

The obvious first step is to check the credentials of the agency. Do they have relevant experience for the kind of event you want managed? When choosing the right partner, ask to see their body of work and their client list. There is no bigger truth than what a client has to say about the agency. Ask for some client testimonials. But don’t stop there. Speak to a few.

#2 Understanding your objectives:

An experienced client servicing manager will be able to, very quickly, render your vision into a workable solution. She’ll be able to funnel your thoughts into a cohesive action plan. And will be able to suggest relevant trends in the industry that you could leverage to make your event an exceptional experience.

#3 Creativity:

Communicating a message, in the most powerful manner to retain top of the mind recall, is a skill honed over years of experience. Work with the agency that delivers the most convincing messaging ideas. Go a step further. Try these ideas out on colleagues to see if the message really percolates. Content is king!

#4 Smooth event flow:

Running an event is akin to telling a story. I can’t stress enough about the criticality of sequencing an event correctly. The right sequence will hold the audience’s attention and create a mesmerizing rendition of a story you’ve so painstakingly crafted.

#5 The right venue:

An experienced event management company would be able to recommend the right venue for your event. Review these recommendations. That will give you a good indication if the both of you are on the ‘same page.’ Do they know how to plan menus? Any event management agency worth their mettle should be able to give you recommendations on the right caterer and menu for your event.

#6 Supplier network:

An event management agency is only as efficient as its supplier network. Most agencies will work with a set panel of suppliers to develop clear lines of communication. These relationships are built on trust that has been built over the years by managing many sucessful events together. Be wary of an agency working with a new supplier for your event.

#7 Flexibility and problem solving:

Events are a live experience. You only get one opportunity to get it right. Having said that, event managers are human too. They’re prone to making mistakes and forgetting things when they’re in the thick of things. Work with an agency that has a proven track record of thinking on their feet to resolve possible last minute challenges. Better still, work with someone who has a plan B in place!

#8 Tech savvy:

In this day and age, leveraging the power of technology can help reduce costs and deliver efficient processes. Being able to seamlessly integrate technology into the work flow is a highly valued skill in managing and delivering successful events.

#9 Budget management:

Costs have an uncanny way of spiralling out of control. An experienced event management company will be able to propose an efficient budget and will be able to manage the event with a maximum +/- 5% deviation. Discuss your budgets transparently with your selected partner. Its important to align expectations from the get go.

#10 Vibe:

At the end, it all comes down to the vibe. Were you able to hit it off right away? Were you on the same page? Are you going to be comfortable working together for the next 15-30 days?

All the very best to you for your next event!

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