Vibrant and varied, Vietnam is a stellar choice for a “Five Sense” corporate incentive. Insanely beautiful beaches, bustling cities, expansive rice fields, magnificent limestone islands, cute fishing villages and picturesque Buddhist pagodas are just some of the attractions of this beautiful country.

Excellent infrastructure, ace cuisine, modernized architecture and time-honored traditions make it an inviting choice for a corporate incentive. Groups love it here... there is much to do and even more to see.

Immerse all your senses as you witness breathtaking beauty, smell the incense from the Buddhist pagodas, hear the cities speak, touch the beautiful flowers and taste the lip-smacking cuisine.


Vietnam’s pulse, Ho Chi Minh, is a bustling city best known for its war remnants and high energy. You’ll detect a vibrant buzz in the air as you explore the historic and cultural sites. The notorious traffic is a site to reckon with and so is to see the hyperactive crowd, always rushing to get somewhere.

Must visit is the War Remnants Museum that makes one aware of the atrocities that the people have braved in Vietnam. The magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral and the striking Post Office building carry a French colonial feel and are impressive sites to visit in the city.

Enjoy a spicy bowl of pho with your teammates in this sizzling city which has amazing restaurants serving the tastiest food.



Regular feature in world cinema, Ha Long Bay is a visitor’s delight. Spectacular scenery, limestone islets, floating villages and emerald waters add a certain magnetism to the whole place. One can shop at the night market that has many open-air stalls with a good collection of Vietnamese products.

Enjoy a gala evening dinner with your team mates aboard a luxurious cruise in the bay as you witness some spectacular sites set against a backdrop of lush mountains.

Proceed to Hanoi, the capital and a French colonial city which is located on the banks of Red river and is a great place to visit with team mates, that too, on foot. The city has French, Russian and Chinese influences and boasts of a superb nightlife, delectable cuisine and beautiful handicrafts.



Mekong Delta is a beautiful amalgamation of rivers and jungles and cannot be missed while in Vietnam. Hop on to a wooden cruise vessel with your teammates as you sail through drop dead gorgeous sites and witness the daily lives of the people.

A guided group tour through the local village will have you visiting some beautiful fruit orchards and rice fields. Drown in the mesmerizing beauty of the sunset as you stand on the deck with your teammates and see the sun disappear in its full glory.

One can also take a sampan boat to see the floating market which makes for an incredible sight. Candy making workshops, cake making factories, local houses and ship building yards, Mekong has so much to see, do and learn!


Part of a massive war museum since 1948, Cu Chi tunnels offer a sneak peek into the underground life of Vietnamese soldiers. A tour down these tunnels is a thrilling experience.

Have fun with your team mates exploring these tunnels that have trapdoors, living areas, kitchens, storage facilities, armory, hospitals and even command centers. Understanding the working of these tunnels is a case study in itself and will make for a substantial discussion with your team mates.

Mui Ne Vietnam

Mũi Né

For a very special experience in Vietnam head to Mũi Né with your colleagues, a site that is soon becoming popular with tourists from all over the world. Test your kite-surfing abilities here and also take a lesson or two as the place has a training ground and relevant equipment.

Explore the red and white sand dunes with your work friends or go swimming, kayaking and even quad-biking. A superb place for adventure with your colleagues and a perfect cherry on top of your reward trip at Vietnam.

Get in touch with us, via the contact form at the bottom of the page, if you need help organising a group tour or a corporate travel incentive tour to Ho Chi Minh city or Hanoi in Vietnam for your organisation's employees or channel partners.

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